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Path of Grace is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit ministry who provides independent, supportive housing to individuals who need mild supports with the ADL's (activities of daily living). Life at Path of Grace is marked by a rhythm; a slower pace of life that helps create a sense of security and consistency that provides a safe foundation for all to plant their seeds and to use their gifts to find a sense of order, peace and beauty that is grounded in our FAITH. Path of Grace Men's and Women's homes offer room available for rent, with/without a private bath. Each home has a Resident Advisor that lives in the home and provides the mild support that each tenant may need with the ADL's. Our RA's desire for Path of Grace to be a home that welcomes and invites fellowship between the two homes, with our families and our community. At Path of Grace, we encourage our tenants and their support network to see out opportunities for themselves in their personal growth and development.

Between the Men's and Women's Homes, lies a connecting piece of cement; an adjoining driveway and a place to park cars and bikes. However, to the tenants of Path of Grace, this simple slab of cement becomes an outdoor meeting place for the houses to come together and chat about their day, laugh, tell stories, play bean bag toss, or just sit and enjoy! Two homes which started out simply as a "place to live," quickly and organically transforms into more than a residence. With each tenant who moves in, each home will begin to generate a personality of its own, a lifestyle will be created, and a culture and way of living will be formed. They often become each others families. It is a blessing to be a part of!



Our men's home currently has rooms available. Please contact us for more information. 



COMING SOON! Please contact us for more information.


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